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From the Publisher
Strange New Worlds Issue 4 - Oct/Nov 1992

Halloween at Strange New Worlds

Welcome to our Halloween Issue and our look at the ridiculous abundance of vampire toys, books, films, and audios about to swamp the market. If this is your first journey within our pages, you will find here a place to exchange views, data, and wares with thousands of other collectors who share your interests in buying, selling, and trading Science Fiction and Fantasy collectibles.

Columnists for Strange New Worlds

With this issue, we are proud to welcome Bennet Pomerantz, a noted reviewer and frequent "guest pest" at SF and mystery conventions. His collectibles and trivia column will be a regular feature of our Strange New Worlds. You may already by familiar with Mr. Pomerantz through "Audioworld," his nationally syndicated column offering reviews of "books on tape."

Archie Waugh is on hiatus this issue (rumors that he is caught in a transporter loop with Scotty are totally false). His Star Trek model series  continues next issue with a look at the Vulcan shuttle. I wish to extend SNW congratulations to Archie for garnering the Best Amatuer Video award at the '92 Dragon Con for his vampire short.

Amazing as it may seem, Karen Ann Yost is not currently attending a media convention and plans to remain close to home for the next few months. While re-acquainting herself with her domicile, she will be busy working on her next Focus on Fandom column, an article contrasting professional-run and fan-run conventions.

This month's review of the newly released Doctor Who tapes is by Tom Beck. Tom is a frequent contributor to The Prydonians of Prynceton newsletter and head of their membership activities.

As for myself, I had the pleasure of attending MagiCon: the 50th World Science Fiction Convention in Orlando on Labor Day weekend. I am sure you will see numerous con reports elsewhere detailing this wonderful gathering, so I won't waste space describing the variety of information and activities available there. I took advantage of the gathering to meet with many noted fans, collectors, and writers; in future issues you will see articles by and interviews with these fascinating members of fandom.

Our next issue is dedicated to weaponry and the arms dealers who outfit today's "Weekend Fantasy Warriors." We will provide profiles of modern-day fashioners of ancient weapons and offer helpful hints for those shopping for a broadsword or phaser. The February issue examines amateur/cult video and the original cinema being created in backyards throughout the country. If you have a video to recommend for this article, please send a copy along with any press releases and production stills. Until next time, enjoy your explorations through your own Strange New Worlds!

Jo Davidsmeyer, Publisher

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