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Strange New Worlds Issue 4 - Oct/Nov 1992

Letters to the Publishers

To Whom It May Concern:

Some general comments of "Slash" — the symbol "/". (Note: The slash in writing is formally called a virgule or diagonal). I must be some sort of square or whtever, never — not even once — having read or heard about this [See "SLASH" by Karen Ann Yost, SNW issue #2]. It is a free country and everyone can, at least theoretically, say or write what he/she pleases (the proper use of virgule or slash). [...] I would think science/ficton readers/fans (S/F: another use of the symbol) would not like their heroes being used in this facetious fashion. Pairing Kirk and Spock (K/S), Starsky and Hutch (S/H), or Riker and Picard (R/P), or any other of the possible combinations of TV's S/F genre tales in — of all concepts — a homosexual relationship, strikes me as a bit of camp. One wonders how this form of amusing and/or erotic literature came into being. One also wonders that, at least according to your conservative, learned article, why is it that only female writers have taken up the pen in what might be called esoteric camp? Finally, being unfamiliar with slashing, I ask quite innocently, aren't there any girl heroines around? And might they, too, be given the treatment in a homosexual/lesbian relationship?

The Man From U.N.C.L.E / The Woman From A.U.N.T.

Dear Jo:

Thank you for introducing us to Strange New Worlds. I found the articles well-written and very interesting. I particularly enjoyed the article on "slash" fiction. Being new to fandom, and having heard the term used at various cons, I had asked a friend to fill me in. Interesting concept. As a published writer of both non-fiction and fiction in general interest magazines, it was not until I discovered 'fandom" that I realized the realms to which a person's imagination might soar. I hope that your magazine is a continued success.

Carolyn Kleinsorge
Dominion Press


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