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Issue 12
Cover of Issue 12

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1994, 28 pages
full-color cover, black-and-white interior
bulletMovie Posters of the '50s and '60s: The golden age of since fiction movie posters. This article is a book excerpt from "Yesterday's Tomorrows" by Bruce L. Wright.
bulletCollecting Vintage Science Fiction Paperbacks: Gary Lovisi takes a look at the campy collectible treasures of the pre-1952 years, before science fiction was taken seriously.
bulletNegotiating the Rocky Waters of Collecting: A helpful guide on how to buy it for less, by Jane Frank.
bulletModels and Miniatures: pointers on assembling the AMT/ERTL Runabout.
bulletFocus on Fandom: It is better to give ... a look at fandoms and their relationships with charities, by Karen Ann Yost.
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