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Star Trek Theme music :
Trek TV Themes and Movie Themes

The following books have the complete collection of Star Trek sheet music themes from ALL the Star Trek movies and several of the Star Trek television shows.

bulletStar Trek The Motion Picture theme
bulletStar Trek - Deep Space Nine theme
bulletStar Trek - Generations theme
bulletStar Trek - Voyager theme
bulletStar Trek - The Inner Light theme
bulletStar Trek II - The Wrath Of Khan
bulletStar Trek III - The Search For Spock
bulletStar Trek IV - The Voyage Home
bulletStar Trek - First Contact
bulletTheme music from classic Star Trek

The instrument books are strictly solos, no accompaniment is included. If you wish to later perform with an accompanist, you will need the piano instrumental book, too.

Star Trek sheet music (for both Star Trek Movies and Star Trek TV Themes):

bulletPiano (solo), Easy Piano, and Piano Instrumental Folio (accompaniment for other solo instruments)
bulletFrench Horn
bulletAlto Sax

Star Trek Theme Music for Marching Band or Orchestra:

bulletStar Trek through the Years: arrangements for Concert Band and Full Orchestra. Arranged by John Moss. Young Band (Concert Band). Size 9x12 inches. Published by Hal Leonard. Contains:
bulletStar Trek:  The Motion Picture
bulletStar Trek: Deep Space Nine
bulletStar Trek: Generations
bulletStar Trek: Voyager
bulletStar Trek: The Inner Light
bulletTheme from Classic Star Trek
bulletStar Trek, Theme from TV Series Basic Band II
By Roddenberry/Courage. Arranged by Paul Jennings. Size 9x12 inches. Published by Hal Leonard.
bulletStar Trek the Motion Picture, By Goldsmith. Arranged by Harry Simeone. Band score. Published by Shawnee Press. Available in:
bulletBand score and band extra part available
bulletOrchestra score and orchestra extra part
bullet(5,5,3,3,3) Orchestration
bulletStar Trek IV The Voyage Home Marching band
Published by Warner Brothers.
bulletStar Trek: Generations Theme Young Band (Concert band)
Arranged by Jay Bocook. Size 9x12 inches. Published by Hal Leonard.



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