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Victorian Pretty Ladies

Collecting Tobacco Advertising Pins
Celluloid Cigarette Pins from 1900s, 1910s, 1920s

These are remarkable early 20th-century advertising collectibles and a joy to collect. These small lapel pins were given away free as premiums with packs of cigarettes. They are of great interest among tobbacciana collectors, and also of interest to collectors of Rube Goldberg, baseball, and early 20th-century cartoonists.

One thing that makes this area of collecting so interesting is that no one knows how many pins were manufactured. So it's a challenge to find out if what you have is a rarity that no one else has ever seen, or something that's common.

We hope these pages that show our collection will be of interest and of help to other collectors. Click on links to the left to learn more about these cigarette pinback buttons.

The brands and companies that produced cigarette pin premiums were:

bulletChesterfield cigarettes
bulletClix cigarettes
bulletThe Favorite cigarettes
bulletHassan cigarettes
bulletObak cigarettes
bulletPerfection cigarettes
bulletPicayune cigarettes
bulletRed Lion chewing tobacco
bulletTokio cigarettes

We had a collection of these pins for some time, but have sold most of our collection (you can't keep everything!). We have some pins for sale here, but these pages are primarily meant to be a source of information for other collectors, and also a place where we can fondly continue to look at the many pins that we used to own.

I hope your pins give you as much joy!

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Cigarette Pin with flag of Persia

of the

It's A Cold World cigarette pin

Cartoon Pins by Comic Strip Artists 

I'M THE GUY pinback button

I'm the Guy (plain lettering)

Ty Cobb tobacco premium

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