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Strange New Worlds Issue 9 - Jun/Jul 1993

"This book will fascinate fans and inspire avid model builders."

Star Trek Chronology:
The History of the Future

Great for model makers - Star Trek Chronologyreviewed by Archie Waugh

For model makers fixated on the Universe of Star Trek, good research materials are elusive and often turn up in the strangest places. Pocket Books has previously helped fill the void with Mr. Scott’s Guide to the Enterprise, The Star Trek Next GenerationTM Technical Manual, and other volumes of technical lore.

This new volume, Star Trek Chronology - The History of the Future is an unexpected gold mine for modelers.

Written by Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space NineTM staffers Michael and Denise Okuda, the Chronology is an illustrated history of the Trek Universe from the beginning of time through the beginning of Deep Space Nine. This book will fascinate fans and inspire the avid model builder.

The heart of the book is the detailed, insightful, and generally logical text that makes clear the time and place relationships that have perplexed Trek fans; yet, it is the enormous assortment of photographs that will draw you in and excite your imagination.

Most of the nearly 500 illustrations are either studio stills or frame enlargements, many never before available. But most interesting to modelers are the photographs of things never shown in Trek television and cinema.

In a move of inspired audacity, the Okudas enlisted the help of Greg Jein in creating photographs of spaceships and scenes mentioned, but never actually presented, in Trek. Jein, one of Hollywood’s top model makers, is well-known to fans for his work on Next Generation, the Star Trek feature films, and triumphs like the Mothership from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. For this book he created several extraordinary miniatures. His early Romulan spaceship is delightfully reminiscent of warships from the 1930’s Astounding Tales; his Daedalus class U.S.S. Essex is based on an early Matt Jeffries Enterprise design and features a globular, instead of saucer-shaped, primary hull. Also note the spire-tipped nacelles similar to those on the first Enterprise model used in 1964’s "The Cage." Sharp-eyed fans may have already spotted this Daedalus class model as an office decoration on Deep Space Nine. This design is sure to turn up soon at convention art shows. Other gems include the seldom-seen DY-100 Botany Bay of "Space Seed," the never-seen DY-750 (Zephram Cochran’s first warp-drive spacecraft), and the pre-Federation S.S. Valiant of "Where No Man Has Gone Before."

In addition, there are dozens of shots of ship miniatures from the original series, the films, and the Next Generation, including all the Enterprises (even the ill-fated "C"), the Stargazer, the Tsiolkovsky, various shuttle-craft and pods, freighters, space stations, and, of course, many alien spacecraft. While a few of these may be found in kit form, most are too obscure. You would need good scratch-building skills to recreate them. Though some, like the Stargazer, are obviously cobbled together from existing kits.

As a reference work for the average Trek fan, this book is hard to beat; for the model-building fan, it is indispensable. I only wish the photos were larger and in color. But still this Star Trek Chronology fills a huge void in the physical (and available) printed representation of Gene Roddenberry’s enduring Universe.

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