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Strange New Worlds Issue 9 - Sep/Oct 1993

Dear Sir:

I love your Strange New Worlds newsletter! Especially the fine articles you write about the newest Hallmark Star Trek ornaments such as the U.S.S. Enterprise and the Galileo Shuttlecraft. You also keep us on top of the recent prices and values of these two Star Trek ornaments. Keep up the great work!

Julia McBride

Dear Julia:

In mid-August, look for Hallmark's newest Trek ornament at your local Hallmark store. Their 1993 Trek Keepsake ornament is the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D. This holiday miniature of the Next Generation ship completes Hallmark's series of Trek ornaments. Sales of last year's Galileo ornament were not as high as projected, so Hallmark currently plans to produce fewer ornaments. But do not hold that as gospel. If demand quickly outstrips supply, they can return to production, just as they did with the classic Enterprise ornament in 1991. The '91 ornament currently is selling among Hallmark collectors for $200 to $225.

Jo Davidsmeyer

Dear Mr./Ms. Davidsmeyer:

SNW is a beautifully done, very informative addition to media-fandom, you should be proud of it. Star Wars fandom, in particular, needs such a meeting place. So many of us collect S.W. toys, etc. and the articles and letters from other collectors had information that even I - who thought I had heard it all - was surprised by. You have some very informative correspondents!

Thank you, once again, for introducing our little portion of SW fandom to Strange New Worlds.

Melanie Guttierrez
Editor/Another Sky

Dear Joe:

SNW should grow and prosper - it certainly reflects your high standards and enthusiasm. We recommend it to our customers frequently. Continued success!

Wayne / For Collectors Only<

Dear Everyone:

Let me take advantage of these letters to clarify a question many of my readers seem to have. regarding my name. Jo (spelt without an 'e' on the end) is a female name. Jo is not short for anything, though my middle name is Ann. Thanks for all your kind words of support. I hope you continue to enjoy your explorations through our Strange New Worlds.



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