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Complete Thunderbirds
Series on DVD

Buyers Guide
Strange New Worlds Issue 8 - Apr/May 1993

A Buyers Guide for Thunderbirds Collectibles

by Mark Kulenich

Click on links below to see detailed descriptions and reviews of the various Thunderbirds collectibles.

Thunderbirds Plastic Model Kits
Thunderbirds Diecast Vehicles
Thunderbirds Action Figures
Shop Thunderbirds collectibles
Thunderbirds Books

TOYZ 4 BOYZ Originals

I have some original props from the show. I will be making resin reproductions available from some of them in the near future. We can also provide custom model finishing for any Anderson kit in addition to the rather extended line of accessories. We also produce the little jet motorcycle that was featured in some of the "Thunderbirds" episodes. We’re doing up two versions, one to scale with the 3-3/4" Matchbox figures and one to scale with the 9" vinyl Bandai figures. We’re shortly going to be offering modified wings for the IMAI kits for Thunderbird 1 with extended landing gear. It will have the open flaps, the hydrolics, and the landing pads that can be easily grafted onto the IMAI kit. We’re also going to be offering detail vehicles for people who fashion dioramas. I also have for sale right now a crystal clear version of Robert the Robot from Fireball XL-5. It’s a recast of the original one that came with the space city playset, but it’s made of crystal clear resin.

Also read on this site, Mark's:

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