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Strange New Worlds Issue #08
Issue #08
plus shipping
24 pages
two-color cover, black-and-white interior

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Strange New Worlds Issue 8 - Apr/May 1993

A Thunderbirds History

The remarkable husband and wife team of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson are unique among the world's fantasy film producers. They have produced ten puppet action series as well as three live action drama programs. As a young TV producer, Gerry realized the untapped fantasy potential of puppetry on the small screen.

"Thunderbirds" premiered in England in 1965. This was the latest in the Anderson line of children’s adventure shows. The action of this series centered around International Rescue - a secret organization always on the alert for trouble, ready to help save humanity in the year 2063. Founded by ex-astronaut and erstwhile millionaire Jeff Tracy, International Rescue was staffed by his five sons. The backbone of this fighting force is its five super-secret craft . . . the Thunderbirds! From adventures in space,to the sewers of New York, by way of the pyramids of Egypt and the polar wastes, the International Rescue team risked all in their endeavor to save life and limb -- and entertained millions in the process.

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Complete Thunderbirds
Series on DVD

Aiding the Tracy’s was British agent Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward. In her incredible pink Rolls Royce, Fab 1, she countered each threat with typical English charm and aplomb. As a single character she had her own color strip in TV-21 before the "Thunderbirds" series aired.

The show starred puppets in Gerry Anderson’s trademark Supermarionation, which he had perfected in his previous shows "Supercar," "Fireball XL-5," and "Stingray." Early in his career Anderson solved the vexing problem of how to synchronize the film soundtrack with the puppet's movements. This was achieved by recording the dialogue via the electronics in the puppets' heads.

"Thunderbirds" was instantly popular. Demand for Thunderbird merchandise in England was overpowering. The craze even overswept that of the Daleks, who were then at the peak of their popularity. 32 hour-long episodes of "Thunderbirds" were produced. "Thunderbirds" formed the cornerstone of the Anderson Empire, realizing more profit from that show than from anything else. Development continued into the cinema with two full-length color feature films Thunderbirds Are Go! and Thunderbird 6.

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