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The Illustrated History of Science Fiction Comics
(Taylor History of Comics #3)
by Mike Benton
Book Review Strange New Worlds  Issue 11 - December 1993

Mike Benton is author of five volumes in the "Taylor History of Comics" series. The third volume, The Illustrated History of Science Fiction Comics is a comprehensive exploration of the diversity and delight of 20th-century American science fiction comics. Lushly illustrated with over 300 full-color illustrations, it is a stunningly beautiful reference volume for comic collectors and connoisseurs.

Chapters deal with Buck Rogers, Weird Science, space race heroes, Star Trek and TV-based comics, Star Wars and movie-based comics, and an overview of comics from the thirties to the present. An impressive fifty-page checklist completes the book. The guide lists all the major (and many minor) SF comic books published in the US.

Thankfully, Mike Benton keeps his narrative focused on the comics. So many genre authors try to delve into the psychological ramifications and political meanings of pop culture. Mike Benton only tells us about comics, in depth and in detail. Please note that this is a history book, NOT a price guide. But for those interested in the history of the comics they collect, this book provides priceless information.

— review by Jo Davidsmeyer

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