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Space Toys and Games
Nasa - Apollo - Astronauts

For the junior astronaut and the kid in all of us!

Spaceship Models * Outer Space Playsets * Astronaut Figures * Nasa Patches * Spaceship Jigsaw Puzzles * Nasa T-Shirts and Clothing * Spaceship Videogames * Astronomy and Spaceflight Posters * Astronomy Calendars

Spaceship Model Kits:

NASA Models
from The Space Store

Space Shuttle Kites:


Astronaut Autographs:
available online at

Mars 2020 Board Game
from: Aristoplay

  Outer Space Jigsaw Puzzles



Outer Space Toys:

Meteor Rocket Kit

This tough little rocket flies up to 100 feet in the air fueled just by backing soda and vinegar! Very, very cool toy!

Rocket Ride Carousel
styled on an old-fashioned tin wind-up toy.

Shoot the Moon Game
Okay, it's not really a space toy, but I loved it as a kid and it's still great today!

Astronaut Action Figures


Nasa Clothing:

NASA t-shirts, caps, and other apparel at:

Spaceflight Posters:

bulletPosters of the Earth and the Moon
bulletSpace Shuttle Posters : Columbia, Endeavor, Atlantis
bulletPosters of the Planets of the Solar System
bulletPosters of the Planet Mars

See Science / Astronomy Software at

Astronomy Magazines:



The Solar System and Planets Learning Toys

3-D Solar System - Boxed Glow In The Dark Stars and Planets
from: University Games

Space-Themed Bed Linens / Bedroom Items

Spaceflight Videogames

bulletStar Trek video games
bullet Star Wars video games
bullet Outer Space Wii Games


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