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Outer space and Space Flight Jigsaw Puzzles
Spaceship and Astronomy Puzzles for the junior astronaut in all of us!

 Planet Earth :
Photomosaic 500-piece Jigsaw Puzzle

This unusual 21.25-by-15-inch image of the earth's Western and Eastern hemispheres is a computer-generated collage of several hundred tiny (half-inch-square) photographs of land and water scenes. In putting them together, you are helped a little by the fact that land is land, and water is water (and the dark background consists of visibly darker scenes). It's also easy to see the correct orientation of each piece. Nevertheless, this is one tough puzzle. Try taking six days to complete the planet, and remember to rest on the seventh. (Amazon Review by Richard Farr)
3-D Apollo 11 Puzzle An astronomical challenge for the advanced puzzler. Bring your puzzle-building to the next dimension and recreate the Apollo 11 rocket. Foam backed for sturdiness, the 336 pieces allow you to build a free-standing structure over 40 inches high!

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