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Star Trek Collectibles from Strange New Worlds
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Canadian Deep Space Nine Figures

Bashir Canadian dual-language card from Playmates first DS9 series. Dr. Julian Bashir. Figure MOC, lower right corner of card slightly damaged. $19.00
Kira Canadian dual-language card from Playmates first DS9 series. Major Kira Nerys. Figure MOC. Some damage on card where price sticker was removed, lower left corner of card slightly damaged. $19.00

Class Trek Records

The Cage and Where No Man Has Gone Before, original TV soundtrack, music composed and conducted by Alexander Courage. 12-inch LP. Excellent condition. $12.00
wpe2A.jpg (72997 bytes)Inside Star Trek, recorded by Gene Roddenberry, features William Shatner, Isaac Asimov, Mark Lenard, and DeForest Kelley. Discussion of the origin of the series, the personalities involved, and other insider's information. Selected musical themes, Columbia Records,. 12" long-playing record. Includes original record sleeve with actor photos on it. Album cover is good condition, shows facing and wear, Record inside is very fine condition. $9.00
Star Trek: The Motion Picture Soundtrack 12-inch LP album. Music composed and conducted by Jerry Goldsmith. Columbia Records. Includes full-color insert (suitable for framing) of the Starship Enterprise plus a full-color record sleeve with scenes from the motion picture. Album in good condition. Inserts and record superior condition. $12.00
wpe29.jpg (76932 bytes)Star Trek Album & Comic Book Cover is of Kirk, Spock, Decker, and McCoy on the Bridge of the Enterprise from Star Trek the Motion Picture . This comic book / record set contains the two Classic Trek adventure stories THE CRIER IN EMPTINESS and PASSAGE TO MOAUV. A 12" long playing album includes 16-page full color comic book. Peter Pan records BR522.

Condition excellent. Some shelf wear on outside edges.
Comic book inside is pristine, as is the album, looks as if it has never been opened or played.

Picture is only part of the album cover (entire album wouldn't fit on my scanner).

Star Trek: Book and Record Set contains the two adventures 'The Crier in Emptiness' and 'Passage to Moauv,' 12-inch LP album and 16-page full-color comic book. Peter Pan Records. Very good condition. $7.00
wpe2B.jpg (72974 bytes)Star Trek: 3 Children's Stories 12-inch LP from Peter Pan records. Stories: 'Passage to Moauv,' 'In Vino Veritas,' and 'The Crier in Emptiness.' Cover art is photo of bridge and Kirk from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Aliens and Enterprise 1701-A pictured on back. Still factory sealed, near-mint condition. $12.00
wpe27.jpg (74411 bytes)Star Trek: 4 Children's Stories 12-inch LP from Peter Pan records. Stories: The Man Who Trained Meteors, The Robot Masters, Dinosaur Planet, and the Human Factor. Cover art is photos from Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Very Good condition. $7.00
To Starve a Fleaver original story for children, inspired by Star Trek. 7-inch, 45 rpm record. Cover photo is from Star Trek, The Motion Picture, with four more photos from the film on the back. Mint, still factory sealed. $8.00
Theme From Star Trek/Theme From Planet of the Apes TV Series Performed by the Jeff Wayne Space Shuttle, Wonderland Records. 12-inch LP album. Album cover in poor condition, drawn on by a child. Record is very good, playable. Themes include Star Trek, Ape's Shuffle, Batman Theme, Apes' Victory Dance, The Ape Planet, Star Light, Beyond the Outer Limits, and Superman. $9.00


1992 Shuttlecraft Galileo Ornament, mint in box. Never used. Press button on craft and hear the voice of Mr. Spock. Original Retail Price in 1992 was $24.00. Tab is still attached.

The Galileo Shuttlecraft made its first television appearance in the original series in 1967, in the episode "The Galileo Seven."



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